The town of Comox is located on a small peninsula in the Georgia Strait, just over 100 kilometres north of Nanaimo and 220 kilometres north of Victoria, on the eastern side of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Set in the rich agricultural heartland of the Comox Valley and surrounded on both sides by water, Comox is home to over 12,000 residents and 5,000 homes. The nearby Vancouver Island Ranges provide Comox with a background landscape that melds mountain vistas with ocean views.

Comox enjoys a temperate climate year round, with summer temperatures averaging a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures that rarely dip below freezing, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. The nearby Strathcona Provincial Park is the largest on the Island, drawing campers, hikers, climbers, swimmers, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts from across the Province. In the winter, Mount Washington provides world class cross country and downhill skiing.

Residents of Comox enjoy an ocean-lover's lifestyle, and the town includes four marinas that are home to over 500 pleasure boats and a commercial fishing fleet. Protected by rock breakwaters and the Goose Spit, the Comox Harbour is one of the safest year round harbours on Vancouver Island. The Comox Municipal Marina provides a park-like atmosphere, and is popular among boating enthusiasts and families alike. Filberg Park can be found near the harbour and Downtown Comox, featuring magnificent gardens and a Hands on Farm for children.

Comox is a character town, home to many charming locally run restaurants, boutique shops and galleries. Its quiet nature and oceanside location near popular Vancouver Island parkland makes it an ideal community for those looking to enjoy the good life.

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